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Listen Coro FM Online Nairobi

Listen to your beloved radio named Coro FM that is really popular in Kenya as well as its surroundings like as Somalia, Uganda and Rwanda. Listen to Coro FM 99.5 MHz from Nairobi metro of Kenya that broadcasts listener’s favorite programs and songs of their choice. You can listen at this station your demanding tracks not only by its national singers but also you can request for English songs of world’s renowned singers as Chesca Miles, Richard Elford, Seth Davy and more of your favorites.

coro FM 99.5

Coro FM 99.5 Role In Society:

The channel is much is playing a significant role among the radios of Kenya and widely appreciated because of its best programming selection. It specially target to the listeners who speak Kikuyu language which belongs central religion of Kenya. But later on it thought to expand its structure across the territory that is the cause it is currently listening everywhere of the country also to its round about.

The station started functioning in the year of 2000 and over this time there are approximately four million listeners every day visit its official website and listen this station. The radio has many creative and well presenting DJs who are really devoted with the station and bringing the station at the top ranking FMs of Kenya.

Programs Policy:

The DJs deliver knowledge, News and information about culture, folk tradition, lifestyle, hot issues and political news and confliction, agriculture and business, family and its demands, musical concerts and nights, history of legends and country’s heroes, movies, fashion and lot more elements. You can listen songs of hip hop, reggae and folk music etc. Listen to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) la mega 99.5 fm coro and remain update with every issue that is occurring around the country also in the global and keep listening your favorite songs 24 hour of the day anywhere you are.

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